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the real story of the birds and the bees….

You think you know……THIS opened my eyes…watch!  Beautiful!!!!


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just another ‘awwwwww’….

It’s true!  I found a few more to make you smile today! (thank you, photographer Wolfgang Holtmeier)



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your awwww moment….

Sometimes you just need an “awwww” moment…………….you’re welcome.


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just another bird? I think not…

Creation is a mystery, right?  I mean, as christians, we KNOW that God created all things, but think about it.  There was nothing and BAM!  Heaven and earth!   And that was just the beginning!!  Our little minds say that such an event could not happen, but our faith drives us farther and takes us beyond reason to the beautiful truth of God’s creation.

Check out these birds….Formed in the mind of God, they have such a uniqueness and are a breathtaking example of God’s hand…

1.  Himalaya Monal

2.  Formosan Magpie

3.  Flamecrest

4.  Golden Pheasant

5.  Green Jay

6.  Kingfisher

7.  Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

8.  Bleeding Heart Pigeons

9.  Nicobar Pigeon

10.   Quetzal

11.  Winson’s Bird of Paradise

12.  Peacock

13.  Sup, Polish Chicken

Father God, help me to see the beauty all around me.  Remind me of your love and your grace today and never let me forget how much you love me!

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in the beginning…

If we were all completely honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that creation is impossible to understand intellectually.  Our minds are not able to go that far….we are restricted by our own humanity.

Something from nothing….it’s just seems incomprehensible.

Thankfully, our loving God knew it would be difficult for us to understand, so He left us a written record of all that took place.  The Holy Bible.

Creation is the end result of the Creator.  Take time to read His Word for yourself.  There are many that say they don’t believe, but have they read His Word?  Trust me….with an open heart and a willingness to learn, the more you know about God, the more you want to know.

Now check out this site and ponder all that He has created and how little our own “personal” world is in the scope of things.  CLICK HERE AND HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

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in the beginning…..

Our faith in God is about to take us beyond reason to the wonderful truth of God’s creation.  Just because we can’t explain or understand how the earth came from nothing does NOT give credence to the theories suggesting otherwise…..

Now click HERE and enjoy the show!!!  You will be amazed at such beauty!  It’s just 2 minutes out of your day!!


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the beauty in creation…

Charles Stanley said it best:

Because I trust the inerrancy of Scripture, I believe that Genesis 1 is the only accurate account of the creation of the universe.  It’s not my interpretation.  It’s what happened.”

Check out this video and remember…”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

And, no…. I don’t know who Ted is….

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