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                Chinese | English
                歡迎光臨 南通高揚電①機有限公司網站!
                Automobile market
                Office automation
                Home Electronics
                Industrial equipment
                Rearview mirror steering motor
                Headlight dimmer motor
                The central door lock motor
                130 series
                260 series
                280 series
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                Nantong Goyomotor Co.,Ltd has approved everyone in zhe industry by the sincerity, strength ,and quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Welcome friends from all walks of life and customer contact and cooperation, thank you!
                Nantong Goyomotor Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturers,specializing in the production of micro DC motor, high voltage DC motor,  is located in Haian countyNantong City JiangSu Provinse, toward SuZhou and ShangHai,near WuXi and ChagnZhou,The Transportation and the geographical position is extremely superior.
                The company has strong technical strength,the productor,QC and R&D staff All have more than ten years experience in development, manufacture and Management . Both in Japanese and Taiwanese motor enterprise for many years,have good reputation in the industry. Companies adhering to the "lean production, quality first" quality concept, to meet the demand of the new and old customers of all kinds of products.
                The company mainly produces are micro DC motor, high voltage DC motor.The main models of micro DC motor:130,140,260,280 series, Have multiple varieties, wide application field. Mainly used in automotive industry, electronic control and industrial automatic control industry in areas; At the same time, the r&d and production of medium and small high voltage dc motor, used in household appliances industry, food industry and office equipment industry and other fields.
                The company aims to build excellent corporate culture, in order to " probity& fealty, innovation, mission and steady" as the enterprise objective; With "without sacrificing the environment for the premise, continuously expand the contribution to human society" is the management idea, make the enterprise overall goal is consistent, common development.
                Address:江蘇省ζ南通市海安縣海安鎮黃海大道西198號 Tel:0513-80680015 Fax:0513-80680016 Copyright:Nantong Goyomotor Co.,Ltd