best animal photobombs ever…

Photobomb –  (verb) to drop into a photo unexpectedly.  An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.

hahaha!  so THAT’S why I love cats!!



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134 responses to “best animal photobombs ever…

  1. Funniest post I’ve seen this week — You’re going to be a regular on my Friday faves!

    Hope you’re having fun at Dinneyworld. Wait, I believe that’s an oxymoron. (iiiiiiiiiiit’s a smaaaal world aaaaaaafter allllllll – now try to get that outta your head) Anyhoo… ;)

    Can’t wait for Sarah to see these. She and her girlfriends love to “creep” in pictures (AS YOU WELL KNOW – Bet She’an!), and I find it creepy (and fitting) that so many photobombs are caused by CATS!

  2. Blablablablah

    It’s funny. Is it photoshop?

  3. ioiwizard

    Awesome! But I wouldn’t want a fish for a head. ( ;

  4. Alexandra

    I didn’t see any animal in the one with the little girl in her pjs..scared the crap out of me when I finally did. Very funny ; )

  5. Dissie

    Kinda creepy how often cats can be found stalking… Its like they’re always watching…

  6. OMG!! How cute!! I wonder if they’re all real??

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    These are great.

  8. zaipamn

    Scene stealers. Makes me laugh and enjoyable.

  9. very good, perfect, i liked =))

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  11. my favorites are the cats – thank you! this made my morning a whole lot cheerier!

  12. brenda

    Fantastic! Thanks all that’s amazing.

  13. The dog and cat at the dining room table is my favorite. :D

  14. I think the funniest cat
    i love a cat :*

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  16. LaVerne

    OMG – I’m wiping away tears!! Found this through StumbleUpon :) Thanks for the laugh!

  17. HPfan2145

    so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Great pics! Love the first one and the seal with the penguins especially!

  19. stephbk123

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  20. Awesome pics….really funnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy…..

  21. Krispykat4

    These are great! The kind of pics I love to share, and when I think of them later today I’ll smile and laugh all over again!!

  22. so cute..good collections

  23. Ingrid Thompson

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  24. normalfornorfolk

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    I was going to do a post of my own for Animal Photobombing, but I don’t need to. Clayzmama has already written a perfect one! Enjoy!!

  25. normalfornorfolk

    Hilarious! I was reserching a post of my own for Animal Photobombing, when I stumbled accross this. It is awesome, so I have just re-blogged! hope you don’t mind! :-)

  26. super funny and cute thank you for sending this type of good pics

  27. I wonder how funny these would really be if you’re stoned…… anybody?….. anybody? You can’t tell me, by looking at these animal photos, that they don’t know what they’re doing….. animals are smart people !!

  28. Hilarious!!! I couldn’t stop laughing starting till the end:D Great Job…Totally love the pictures…yes, Cats! I love them.
    P.S. After this, I am gonna go up once again to look at them once again:D!

  29. hahah hilarious!! thanks for the laughs!

  30. Tapdancer34

    these are hilarious I love the one with the fish that makes it look like the guys head!

  31. I adore animals, specially funny ones, I personally have a cat at home, he enhances my mood by simply looking at me … Animals are the best anti-stress therapy, of course when you take good care of them, sometime soon I’ll upload few of my cats photos maybe you can add them , but now I want you to see these funny animals

  32. Thank goodness they can’t speak …. lol Can you imagine some of the captions…… very funny! :-)

  33. i couldn’t stop laughing!!! cats r everywhere, made me look behind me o.O

  34. Patricia

    clayzmama- Where can I add my own photo bomb pic. I have a really good one

  35. Brenda

    Awesome! Every single picture made me laugh.

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  37. So glad I stopped by, I love them! JC

  38. Where is the dolphin and sting ray ones? Thanks for sharing.

  39. Imogen Dustin

    hahahhahha awesome!

  40. Very cute and funny images…………………………i love it.

  41. JITCEZ

    COOOLLL!!! ssssssooooo fun pictures i really like tihis

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  43. Nice, i love the animal photos, some shows a good message. Very interesting admin. My kids enjoy your list.

  44. jenny

    these are adorable who ever could be mad at these

  45. Sue

    Cool! Best laughs I’ve had all day!!

  46. waehyu

    image is cute n’ funny

  47. That made me laugh so much.

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    Thought I’d share these pics again…they never get old!!

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  50. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing these!

  51. Daisy

    Hahaha! Fantastic!

  52. Sarah

    Last one is creepy!!

  53. Hahaha, these are all so awesome! I love the one with the seal popping in on the penguins! Hilarious!

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    Just a little fun thing to make you giggle and maybe make your week a little better :)

  56. Love animal photobombs! So adorable!

  57. tarbare75

    the seal is the cutest

  58. suziii999

    What on earth? Cool.

  59. CJF

    LOL that fish head one made me crack up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. happycat445

    all of those were super funny

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  62. Fantastic! Thanks all that’s amazing.
    Visit Link

  63. Love this! Here’s one we happened to take recently with our dog.

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    funny animal photo bombs..ohh my

  65. Caidyn McCarthy

    very cute :)

  66. christina hamilton

    Best photo;s ever

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  68. Rick

    Pretty Sandi, you have the funniest pics! Just made laugh aloud.I hope to see more of you and your pics.

  69. Interesting Photo, there are always some animals act while others are taking photos.

  70. Funny set of photos fav seal with penguins

  71. Really funny … that ostrich made my day :-)

  72. best pictures i have seen .very good

  73. Thanks for finally writing about >best animal photobombs ever
    | clayzmama says…… <Liked it!

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  75. Love the cats, but the ostrich…so cute.

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