love your kicks!

Doesn’t everything in the universe just fall down into one big question?


“Guuurl, where did you get those shoes?” 


 (thanks, Rea, for sharing your closet with us!)  :) 

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12 responses to “love your kicks!

  1. Who comes UP with this stuff?? Although, I’d love to have those little doggie ones (2nd pic). How fun would it be to wear THOSE??

  2. Anita Taylor

    hahahaha , my feet hurts just looking at them! but I like the one where a man is the heel. :)

  3. Reblogged this on Dope X Art X Wear and commented:
    Slip on a banana peel?

  4. Mit

    I wanna buy em any price

  5. Ivana Sedlacek

    Does anyone know where I can actually buy some of these hilarious shoes? I would even wear the rat shoes. Don’t we all want to walk all over a rat of an ex anyway? :D

  6. Alex

    That first pair of shoes don’t look very a-peel-ing, eh, eh?

  7. Some funny shoes or some great photo manipulations

  8. Joan Lomnitzer

    Living in the Adirondack mountains these definitely wouldn’t fly.

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